Viva Secessio – Exposition de ZsUd dans l’Atrium du Casino de Monte-Carlo


expo-atrium-casino-GFA remarkable exhibition devoted to the work of Zsuzsanna Udvarhelyi, contemporary Hungarian painter inspired by the “secessionist” art movement, will be on view in the Atrium of the Casino de Monte Carlo from 26th of September to the 2nd of October, 2011.

Zsud portrays her visions through the classically matured decorative world of “secession”, by whose name the Art Nouveau movement in Central Europe is known, having studied art in Budapest and Vienna, but also in the French city of Nancy.

Her light and delicately textured creations produce an elegant aura, that unfolds a fragile and exquisite atmosphere to the visitors of the Atrium. Pale colours and stylised Art Nouveau ornaments highlight her work, and its see-through, somewhat blurred silver becomes nearly luminescent when we approach the painting, while violet, sea-green and sand-yellow colours contrast with the opalescent backgrounds, suggesting the beauty of radiance, light and clarity: “Claritas “.



Motto: “The role of a painter is not to show what we all can see, but what we are unable to see and able to recognise.”