“Viva Secessio” – Exhibition by ZsUd in the Atrium of the Casino de Monte-Carlo


Discover the remarkable exhibition dedicated to the works of Zsuzsanna Udvarhelyi, a modern, secession-inspired Hungarian painter, in the Atrium of the Casino de Monte-Carlo from 1 to 9 October 2012.

Viva Secessio -  Zsuzsanna Udvarhelyi

Zsud‘s primary inspiration for her painting is the classical decorative school of painting known as Secession, the name used to refer to the Art Nouveau movement in Central Europe. She trained in art during her studies in Budapest and Vienna as well as in the French town of Nancy.


Her textured, light and delicate works give off an elegant aura that transforms the Atrium into an exquisite and fragile space filled with life. The pale colours and stylised Art Nouveau ornamentation liven up her painting and embellish the translucent, almost veiled quality of the silver that looks virtually luminescent from up close. The violet, blue-green and sandy yellow contrast with the opalescent backgrounds, suggesting the beauty of radiance, light and clarity: “claritas”.


When she is inspired by the face of someone she doesn’t know, ZsUd sometimes asks them to pose for her, not to paint their portrait but so that she can capture their spirit, inner strength, hopes and fears. She prefers painting everyday life.

Her motto: “The painter’s role isn’t to show us what we can all see, but what we can’t see but are able to recognise.”


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