The new artist-designed tableware at the Blue Bay


The new artist-designed tableware at the Blue Bay, which received its first Michelin star in 2015, has drawn much attention and admiration, but that’s not all…



The art of story-telling

Chef Marcel Ravin, with the support of art lover and Managing Director of the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, Frédéric Darnet, partnered with a ceramicist based in his native Martinique to create beautiful customised tableware.

When Peggy Desmeules decided to move to the island in 2013, she wasn’t just an unknown artist to Marcel Ravin. She had already worked with Martine Ménard, the ceramicist chosen to create the tableware featured in the chef’s first book, D’un Rocher à l’Autre

Together the two artists designed the tableware that told a story. Just like the designs for the first book, these pieces continue to tell the story of the chef from Martinique who dreamed of recreating the marine ecosystem in his memories of when he was just a “ti boug” (young man).

That’s why in these works of art, we can almost see the bottom of the Caribbean seen from the sky, and imagine the fishing trips the chef talks about. “The water and fishing are part of my beginnings as a “ti boug”. The sea is part of where I come from, where I grew up. It’s where I learnt to explore the depths of my imagination to better understand how things can visibly transform.”

Through his new creations, Marcel Ravin puts a bit of himself on the table, unveiling and incorporating part of his childhood and the source of his inspiration. 


The art of fire

After the artists put in a year’s work, the results finally materialised in the form of unique works of art, each with a distinctive granular texture due to the grog stoneware clay from Saint-Amand that the potter decided to use “because Marcel’s personality is like a white sandy beach, smooth and rugged at the same time”, confides Desmeules. The delicate pigments in shades that Peggy Desmeules herself created add the final touch to these creations that mean so much to the ceramicist who designed and shaped each piece with her own hands.

Clients at the Blue Bay are delighted with the artist-designed serving dishes, which are like mirrors reflecting the Michelin-starred chef’s soul. The dishes were designed thematically in line with the four elements of the marine ecosystem: the dome dish, the sea urchin dish, the coral dish and the fish trap dish. The fifth element would thus appear to be the food, in all its bold, delicious splendour, that blends so well with the tableware that in the end they become one work of art. 

Because Marcel Ravin respects beauty and precision and in order to not disturb the restaurant’s atmosphere, all the maître d’hôtel has to do is turn the ‘sculpture’ over and magic! It’s a dish, and the culinary journey is about to begin.