The Littoral Zone, exhibition by Marc Quinn at Monaco Oceanographic Museum


Until 15 October 2012, the Monaco Oceanographic Museum is hosting a major exhibition by the British artist Marc Quinn. Numerous works, paintings, sculptures and installations will be unveiled on this occasion in the museum’s rooms, large square and panoramic terrace.


The exhibition that opened in early August has now been seen by over 200,000 visitors. It presents around sixty paintings, sculptures and installations that have been set up from the museum’s square to its panoramic terrace amongst the remarkable collection of marine specimens and underwater fauna.


The Littoral Zone is an invitation to travel between land and sea and between life and the quest for eternity. It was conceived by the contemporary artist Marc Quinn as a renewed yet innovative dialogue between art and science.
With its head in frozen blood, giant baby, hybrid flowers, colossal marble and skeletons laid out on the embers, Marc Quinn brazenly overturns codes and invites the visitor to question the origin and the cycle of life.

Since 22 June, it is also possible to admire Burning Desire, the flaming hybrid orchid more than four metres wide created by the British artist and displayed on the emblematic Place du Casino in Monaco.


Built on the side of the mythical rock of Monaco, the museum has been watching over the ocean for more than a century. The museum is entirely dedicated to the sea and presents the results of oceanographic campaigns by its founder, Prince Albert I of Monaco, great-great-grandfather of HSH Prince Albert II, in order to better disseminate knowledge of the sea, fill the public with wonder and increase their awareness of the ocean’s fragility. The museum is an international reference for all those who love the sea; it has a significant collection of marine specimens and is home to a famous aquarium with over 6,000 fish and invertebrates. Its “shark lagoon”, a giant basin of 400,000 litres, demonstrates the extraordinary diversity of a coral reef.


The Littoral Zone Exhibition
Open daily until 15 October
2012 (9:30 am-7:30 pm)
Monaco Oceanographic Museum
Avenue Saint-Martin – Principality of Monaco


T. (377) 93 15 36 00