Taoist Massage Treatments at the Cinq Mondes SPA


Taoist Massage

Inspired by an ancestral technique in Chinese medicine, the Taoist Massage uses Dermapuncture®, a manual form of acupuncture without needles, to stimulate the main energy points in the body, face, skull and neck, and thus reconstitute one’s vital store of energy. Specially designed for men and women with very little time to relax, it releases tension in the back, stomach and face, dispels mental fatigue and heightens concentration, thus creating harmony between body and soul.


Prices : 50 mins, 115 € ; 80 mins, 155 €





Massage-Treatment for the Face : Youthfulness and a “Taoist” Glow


As part of its research into Dermapuncture®, the Cinq Mondes SPA proposes the Massage-Treatment for the Face : Youthfulness and a “Taoist” Glow, which relaxes the features and smoothes the lines left by passing time. Stimulation of the most effective acupressure points as used in a Chinese Ritual restores elasticity and youthfulness, bringing a glow to the complexion.

The treatment starts with a Welcome Ritual® designed to obtain immediate relaxation thanks to soothing movements on the neck and scalp. Following a personalized diagnosis of the skin, the practitioner administers an energetic massage with a Precious Elixir, a concentrate of vegetable oils chosen to suit the Dietetics of the Skin, and tonic exercises for the face.

She then proceeds with in-depth cleansing of the face using “Pâte de Fleurs”® and a scrub of the entire face and décolleté with the Exfoliant “Graines et Fleurs”® which prepares the skin for the Taoist massage. Using the “Onguent de Jeunesse”® with 7 Chinese plants, this massage acts on the first signs of ageing thanks to Dermapuncture® techniques.

The treatment continues with a personalized facial mask, either replenishing or detoxifying, and a massage of the reflex zones on the hands, arms and feet.

The face is relaxed, the wrinkles and dark patches under the eyes reduced, the complexion radiant with beauty. The entire body feels the beneficial effects of the massage for the hands, arms and feet.


Prices : 50 mins, 115 € ; 80 mins, 155 €


Discover these treatments in the Royal Taoist Ritual at the Cinq Mondes SPA in the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort (with Aromas and Colours Hammam or Japanese Bath with Fragrances and Flowers, Aromatic Scrub with Spices, Taoist Massage and Massage-Treatment for the Face : Youthfulness and “Taoist” Glow) -2 hrs 20 mins of treatments, 300 €.




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