Monaco celebrates beer : 129th “Chope d’Or”



Cocktail and dancing diner
Menu at 160€ per person (beers included)
From 8pm

Discover tasty combinations of “haute cuisine” with beer at the Hôtel de Paris !

As in every other year since 1993, the sumptuous Salle Empire at the Hôtel de Paris is playing host to the 129th Chapter of the Order of the Golden Beer-Mug – Beer Cavalry , under the high patronage and in the presence of HSH Sovereign Prince Albert II de Monaco.
An event to put a smile on the faces of all those – and they are many – who share a taste for gastronomy and fine ales !

In 1963, the Founding Chairman of the Order of the “Chope d’Or” entrusted it with the assignment of “defending and demonstrating” the cultural values and gastronomic qualities of beer by enlisting the support of the greatest chefs in France and Monaco to see that people discover the original and tasty combinations of “haute cuisine” with beer.

Forty years later, there’s no longer any need to insist that beer, or rather, beers, in all their rich diversity, have their place on the most refined tables : it’s become self-evident… Instead, let’s congratulate the talented chefs who have participated in these events, to illustrate for this special dinner the wide range of possibilities for matching dishes with with appropriate beers : soups, fish, meat or dessert, there’s not a single course that can resist the delicious savor of a lager, draught or brown ale !

Beer, however, also hides other secrets… It brings in its wake a special kind of atmosphere that encourages new encounters and fosters friendship. There’s something indefinable that crosses the golden glasses and gleams beyond the cool, creamy froth… Let’s call it a really convivial atmosphere, so particular to this universal, centuries-old product known as beer. And  let’s get together on this special evening to perpetuate this noble tradition !

Information / Resvervation :

(377) 98 06 36 36