“Ice & Fire” opening party at the Sea Lounge


On Friday 16 May, the legendary club awaits you at the Monte-Carlo Beach Hotel for a daring and creative opening party!

"Ice & Fire" opening party at the Sea Lounge


Dancers, fire-eaters and ice sculptors, live! For the 2014 opening night, the Sea Lounge Monte-Carlo has put together a unique programme with mixed lounge and electro musical entertainment. 

About Mario Amegee

Mario Amegee, triple world champion (Alaska 2005/2011/2014), is one of the best ice sculptor’s in the world.

Talented, dynamic and creative, this ice magician is asked to share her crystal artwork and participate in the biggest events in Europe, the US, Canada, Russia, China, Japan and Africa.


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Information / Reservations:

Open from 16.00 to 1.00 
T. (377) 98 06 54 54

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