Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters: Bob Sinclar on the decks


On Friday, 15 April, Bob Sinclar will be on the decks at Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo during the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters , which will take place from 9 to 17 April. 


Whether it’s for an event such as the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix or just for the night, Bob Sinclar never misses a chance to come to Monaco to heat up the dance floor. 


Tennis enthusiast and DJ Bob Sinclar, known for popularising the “French Touch” of house music, will be on the decks at Jimmy’z during the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters. Come and enjoy his classic hits such as “Rock This Party” or “Soundz of Freedom”! 


The most illustrious French DJ needs no introduction. Known and renowned the world over, this star of the world’s greatest nightclubs is a master remixer, with hits such as “The Beat Goes On”, ”What A Wonderful World”, ”World Hold On”, ”Love Generation” and ”Rock This Party”.

One of his latest albums, Paris By Night, brings together talented young artists and is a perfect blend of genres and eras. The result is a clubbing masterpiece. 


Any season that starts with Bob Sinclar on the decks at Jimmy’z, is one that can’t be missed!


>> Bob Sinclar official website


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