2015: Year of Russia in Monaco


In 2015, Monaco celebrates the Year of Russia. This event pays tribute to over 150 years of historical and cultural ties between the two nations.

Année de la Russie à Monaco

Russians in Monaco: the story of a special relationship

Russian children learn about the life of the czars on the benches at school. 
One late 19th-century imperial family bound their fate to that of the Côte d’Azur, by wintering in Nice for the first time: Alexandra Feodorovna, widow of czar Nicholas I of RussiaHeeding her doctors’ advice, Feodorovna came for the mild climate and for its strategic Mediterranean location. She was the first to begin the trend of holidaying among rich aristocratic socialites. 


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2015: Year of Russia in Monaco


Public and private organisers have been asked to organise events in tribute to over 150 years of ties between Monaco and Russia, and many have responded positively. Over 130 events have been scheduled in many areas such as culture, sports, science, gourmet dining and education, just to name a few.


The first event took place on 19 December with a representation of The Taming of the Shrew by the Bolshoi Ballet, choreography by Jean-Christophe Maillot. The vast programme of events includes concerts, exhibitions, dinners, shows, conferences and even regattas. The diversity and sheer number of events point to the country’s rich cultural identity and a special relationship that constantly reinvents itself.


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The seasons of Russian Gastronomy in Monaco from 12 to 19 June 2015

An exceptional dinner for International Women’s Day at the restaurant Elsa – Monte-Carlo Beach – 8 March 2015




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