Try “Le Purple”, an original cocktail at the Blue Gin - Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort.




- 5 cl Havana rum 3 years infused with thyme

- 5 fresh raspberries

- 1 dash sugar

- Vanilla syrup

- 2 cl cranberry juice

- Raspberry coulis

- Cranberry juice

- Lime juice


Infuse the Havana rum 3 years with sprigs of thyme.


Place in a shaker: 4cl thyme-infused rum, 3 cl raspberry coulis, 1.5 cl vanilla syrup, 3 cl cranberry juice and 1.5 cl lime juice.


Fill the shaker with ice, mix and pour into a martini glass.


For decoration, add a sprig of thyme and a raspberry covered in Manzana liqueur jelly at the bottom of the glass.


Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health