Monte-Carlo SBM Thu, 28 Jul 2016 16:16:51 +0000 en hourly 1 #BuddhaBarMC contest Wed, 20 Jul 2016 11:43:07 +0000 marieblanc Participate in our Instagram photo contest and share your best experience at Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo!




Get ready!

Take full advantage of the mild summer evenings with our new Flower Power cocktails such as ROSYTEA, ELDER POWER or JASMIN’ALE.

Make your Monaco experience unforgettable with these Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo exclusive cocktail creations.

>> Discover our cocktails



Are you artistic, or do you just want to capture the moment? It’s easy: just take the best photo of your cocktail experience and inspire us!


How to participate

From 15 July to 14 October, stage your cocktail and post a genuine photo of your experience on Instagram. Don’t forget to mention the hashtag #BuddhaBarMC and you may be the lucky winner!


A special gift

Every month, our jury will select the most original photo, and it will win a “Spirit of sharing” dinner for two people. You have three months to try your luck!




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>> Read all about the contest and conditions for participation in the contest rules and regulations

モンテカルロ・ポロ・カップ Mon, 18 Jul 2016 10:36:32 +0000 vovf 2016年9月15日から18日まで開催されるモナコで最大規模のポロのトーナメント、モンテカルロ・ポロ・カップをお楽しみください。

モンテカルロ・ポロ・カップ(MONTE CARLO POLO CUP)
















このトーナメントは正当なトーナメントとして認められており、このスポーツイベントは、モナコの高台にあるDomaine de Virevent で開催されます。この場所は、モナコを一躍有名にした場所の1つであり、スポーツ界と社交界をつなぐ場所でもあります。

開会式は、参加チームのパレードとともにカジノ広場(Place du Casino)で行われます。



とりわけこのイベントの《Ladies Hat 》パーティと《プリンセス・シャルレーヌ基金》の協力の下、チャリティーガラによる閉会式はお見逃しなく。


モンテカルロ・ポロ・カップ(Monte-Carlo Polo Cup)に関するインフォメーションは、公式サイトからどうぞ。





電話番号:+377 97 97 36 41


モナコ・ヨットショー 2016 Wed, 13 Jul 2016 20:32:22 +0000 vovf 2016年9月28日から10月1日に開催される国際的なヨットショー「モナコ・ヨットショー」にぜひお越しください。


















モナコ・ヨットショーは、モナコの素晴らしい景色の中、世界に先駆けてお披露目される40艇のヨットを含む25mから100m級の120艇のスーパーヨットとメガヨット など豪華ヨットが一堂に会し、その荘厳な姿を見られる一年に一度のショー。

最高級ヨットを愛する個人のお客様、または豪華ヨットマーケットのプロのお客様に捧げる国際フォーラム。初めての例外のヨットのために訪問するか、またはこれらの驚異の1を取得するために自分自身を治療するかどうか、モナコ・ヨットショーは見逃すことのできないショーです。豪華ヨットを見て触れてみますか、もしくは、この豪華絢爛なヨットを1艇手に入れることを考えていますか。モナコ・ヨットショー は、どちらの方にも見逃せないショーです。



この4日間、参加される方には、比類なき豪華なモナコ・ヨットショーが開催するイベントにご参加いただけます。 モナコで最も権威のある場所で最も豪華なヨットに乗れる他ではできない体験。絶好の機会は公国とリゾートモンテカルロソシエテ・デ・バン・デMerの素敵なレストランやバーを発見します。モナコ公国はもちろんのこと、 モンテカルロ・ソシエテ・バン・ド・メールの夢の様な素晴らしいレストランやバーを探索する絶好のチャンスです。


2016年9月28日(水)〜10月1日(土) (午前10時〜午後6時30分) :


その他の入場口:ルイ2世通り(Quai Louis II)、パルヴィプール(Parvis Piscine) 



一般 : 150 ユーロ / 1日 (現地購入のみ)



プロフェッショナルパス : 4日間パス

現地でバッジを購入された場合 : 500 ユーロ TTC / お一人様 (お名前の入ったバッジをお渡しします)
インターネットでバッジを購入された場合 : 480 ユーロ TTC / お一人様 (お名前の入ったバッジをお渡しします)




Don’t miss the Blue Gin, the place to be in Monaco Wed, 13 Jul 2016 15:02:38 +0000 francoisblanc The Blue Gin bar has transformed its terrace to give its clientele a summer worth celebrating in 2016!


“The Waterfront”

Nicknamed the “Waterfront” of Monaco, this beachfront space offers stunning Mediterranean views.

When you’re sitting comfortably in the lounge, the glass walls that surround the terrace make you feel as if you’re basking on a boat, sailing among the large yachts moored in the distance.

The drinks menu has been updated and offers a more extensive range of wine and champagne. It goes without saying that it still offers the cocktails that have reached legendary status in Monaco. A dish called “Keima” comes with your order and includes delights such as Sardinian bread, hummus and mini skewers.

A breathtaking view, meticulously selected drinks and the invaluable contribution of Michelin-starred chef Marcel Ravin are all in store!

An open kitchen has been installed at this seaside area. A cook sets about preparing prawns, tortillas and féroce d’avocat. To satisfy small or large appetites, the menu centred on the concept “Food 6thème” created by the Michelin-starred chef reinforces the Blue Gin’s convivial vibe. The sharing of fine products and good music lie at the heart of the venue’s new philosophy.



Spin the turntables

Different DJs are lined up to mix on the terrace overlooking the Mediterranean for the 2016 season.

Summer is celebrated every night of the week, so there is always a reason to get the fiesta going!

Tuesday night is Ladies Night with Pink Tuesdays! From 18:30 to 10pm, ladies get their first drink free while DJ Mr Luke takes care of the sound.

On Sundays and Mondays, get ready for lounge and electro music with DJ John Lorenz. On Thursdays and Fridays, DJ and producer Nicolas Saad will rock the house as he has in many Monaco night spots for the past few years.

On Saturdays, the Blue Gin will welcome a guest star who will be revealed over the course of the summer. Rumour has it that the likes of DJs La Luna, Nicolas Monier, Gui Marchioni are set to appear.

With such amazing plans, the Blue Gin is undoubtedly the place to be and one of Monaco’s hottest night spots!


The Blue Gin



Hookah corner


Valet parking

Car park 

Summer is here and it’s time to indulge! Come to the Crystal Bar and enjoy a cocktail or lunch in an elegant setting. Tue, 12 Jul 2016 15:22:48 +0000 francoisblanc Summer is the perfect season to come to the Crystal Bar… Enjoy the sunny days and balmy evenings on our terrace as you savour a grand cru and a superb view of the Mediterranean sea, Hercules port, and the Rock of Monaco.




The ideal setting for tasting a fine wine or vintage champagne by the glass or enjoying a drink with friends, the Crystal Bar’s panoramic terrace offers charm and elegance.


Live DJ night from 22 July to 20 August


Dance the night away on the Crystal terrace while DJs Andrea S and Tim Davis take turns setting the mood with the best in rock, funk, disco, RnB and electro music from 18:00 to 23:00.



Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo

Square Beaumarchais

MC 98000 Monaco

T. +377 98 06 98 99

Beach Parties at the Monte-Carlo Beach Thu, 07 Jul 2016 15:04:48 +0000 francoisblanc  



For four evenings this summer, the Monte-Carlo Beach Marché des Saveurs food market is taking up residence around the Olympic-sized swimming pool. On the menu: healthy, colourful and 100% organic buffets with fresh, creative dishes featuring local produce.


Casual dress code. We recommend taking a dip in the pool with lights.


Indulge in a unique, timeless evening and enjoy an exceptional panoramic view of the deep blue sea.


Let the magic and serenity of the French Riviera wash over you for just one night.


8 and 29 July and 12 and 26 August, from 7.00pm
€100 per adult (glass of champagne included) 
€50 per child ages 6 to 12 (non-alcoholic drink included)


Information et Booking, restaurant Le Deck : +377 98 06 51 00
Casual attire for dinner, bathing is recommended in the swimming pool
Due to the tragic events that occured in Nice on July 14th 2016, the International Festival of Fireworks is cancelled Thu, 07 Jul 2016 09:39:17 +0000 francoisblanc Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo(オテル・エルミタージュ・モンテカルロ) のテラス・ミディレストラン、ビスタマールのテラスの最前列でディナー。



























ディナー 175ユーロ(メニューには、シャンパンハーフボトル+ミネラルウォーターハーフボトル+コーヒーが含まれています)



テラスレストラン LE VISTAMAR(ル・ビスタマール)



ミシュランスターレストラン ル・ビスタマールの美しいテラスから、盛大な花火大会と最高に美味しい料理をお楽しみいただける理想的な場所をご提案。シェフのブノワ・ウィッツが、あなたのために心に残るディナーをご用意。最後の花火のブーケまで最高の場所で最高に美味しいお料理をお楽しみいただく時間にご招待します。





ディナー 225ユーロ(メニューには、お飲み物が含まれています)





Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo(オテル・エルミタージュ・モンテカルロ)

Square Beaumarchais

MC 98000 モナコ公国

+377 98 06 98 98

Summer Dining DỠ Brasil in restaurant Las Brisas! Wed, 06 Jul 2016 15:27:29 +0000 francoisblanc On Thursday nights in July and August, Brazil is coming to the terrace of Las Brisas for 2 months of festividade!



Michelin-star chef Marcel Ravin will be using his full palette of colours to add a hint of acid to his cuisine! Using flavours close to those of his native Caribbean, he will make sumptuous summer dishes such as octopus ceviche with green papaya, traditional Brazilian feijoada, churrasco meat kebabs, and barbecued spiny lobster, lobster and king prawns.


A band playing smooth Brazilian tunes will complete the atmosphere in this space nestled between the sea and the lagoon. The plant decorations fit right in with the idyllic setting, giving the place an Amazonian, tropical jungle feel. A dancer couple offers a beautiful spectacle as it begins to make its rhythmic way around the tables, who watch in admiration of this culture’s legendary grace and artistry.



Don’t miss the unforgettable Summer Dining 2016 experiences, so wonderful you’ll want to live and relive them! Just imagine the delicious aroma of barbecue on a warm and fragrant Mediterranean summer evening. The festivities are in full swing, and your heart begins to feel giddy and light, as a smile breaks out on the sun-kissed faces around you… 


Muito legal! Very cool!


Summer 2016: Get ready for an exceptional line-up at Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo Fri, 01 Jul 2016 06:57:14 +0000 marieblanc Jimmy’z satisfies your every desire this summer! Get ready for a season of intense partying! Every night, from 23:30 till dawn.

 Summer Parties Jimmy'z Monte-Carlo Monaco



8 July | Mitch LJ


13 July | Industry Night


15 July | Work the After Party


20 July | Industry Night_Café Opéra


22 July | DJULCO


23 July | De Grisogono Party


24 July | Groovy Sunday 


25 July | What about Hip Hop??


26 July | Pop Culture


27 July | Bob Sinclar


28 July | Jimmy’z Lady’z


29 July | Freaky Friday


30 July | This is Jimmy’z !


31 July | Black Coffee





2 August | Tiesto


3 August | Industry Night_White Dubaï


4 August | Ruckus


5 August | Dove Bombsoda


6 August | Benjamin Grey


7 August | LOVE BEAT feat. TIME


8 August | Flower Power


9 August | DJ Reda


10 August | Industry Night_Beat Sacha Muki


11 August | DJ BLUEY


12 August | Fat Joe


13 August | This is Jimmy’z !


14 August | Akon


15 August | DJULCO


17 August | Industry Night_Bar Rouge


20 August | Canitrot


24 August | Kungs




Information / Reservations:

Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo

MC 98000 Principauté de Monaco

T. +377 98 06 70 68

T. +336 80 86 21 08




Follow us on Facebook to get all the latest news from Jimmy’z.

メゾン・ピエール・マルコリーニがモナコのフランソワ・ブラン通りにオープン Mon, 27 Jun 2016 13:58:47 +0000 vovf メゾン・ピエール・マルコリーニとモンテカルロ・ソシエテ・バン・ド・メールから嬉しいお知らせをお届けします。6月15日から9月15日まで、フランソワ・ブラン通り(Allée François Blanc)に期間限定であのピエール・マルコリーニがオープンします。

Pierre Marcolini(ピエール・マルコリーニ)

















夏は思い切り楽しむ季節です!Un Eté chez Pierre(アン・エテ・シェ・ピエール)、少し欲張りで気まぐれなグルメのみなさんにおいしくさわやかな喜びを味わっていただく至福をお届けする小さなメゾンです。




再発見したレシピを見つけるのを楽しむ伝統の季節と同じように新しいものが出回る季節です。この季節にあわせて特別に作られたコレクションです。繊細な味のアイスクリームを味わいながら太陽の下、散歩を楽しみ、チョコレートフロスティングを選べばすぐにエスキモーの気分になれます。デリケートな味覚をお持ちの皆様に洗練されたビスケット、カカオの香りに包まれるフレッシュなドリンクなどをお楽しみいただけます。テイクアウトもでき、ご希望のものをご試食いただけます。Un Eté chez Pierre(アン・エテ・シェ・ピエール)は、その美味しさに小さな喜びを感じられる場所です。夏の美しいひとときをぜひお過ごしください。


ファンタスティックで、フレッシュ、そしてポエジーな世界。またとない魅惑的な季節。それがUn Eté chez Pierre(アン・エテ・シェ・ピエール)。 


Kiosque Pierre Marcolini(キオスク・ピエール・マルコリーニ)

Allée François Blanc(フランソワ・ブラン通り)

営業期間 : 2016年6月18日〜9月18日


Let the magic begin: 123 nights with Maserati in Pop-up Suite 321 at the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo. Mon, 27 Jun 2016 06:57:10 +0000 francoisblanc  


Article 19


The luxury car brand with the trident logo has designed a new pop-up suite to discover from July 1st to September 30th 2016.


The new pop-up suite immerses guests in the prestigious world of Maserati this season which has been completely redecorated in Maserati’s signature design style by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba


This deluxe contemporary suite can be booked for a one-night package that includes airport transfer in a Maserati Quattroporte, the use of a Maserati GranCabrio to drive around the Riviera, breakfast, plus a cocktail served in the suite.


Combining the talent, know-how and experience of two heritage brands – a partnership between high-precision mechanics and the meticulous quality of one of the most prestigious hotels in the world – this package offers guests an exciting new experience: unforgettable moments to savour both in the suite and behind the wheel.



The new pop-up suite will delight fans of beautiful Italian cars and luxury hotels alike! 




モンテカルロ・パデル・マスター大会 2016 Fri, 24 Jun 2016 06:09:13 +0000 vovf モンテカルロ・パデル・マスター大会は、ワールド・パデル・ツアー(WPT)の中でも最も重要な大会の1つであり、今年は2016年9月6日から9月11日までフォンヴィエイユ・テント会場(Chapiteau Fontvieille)で行われます!

Monte-Carlo Padel Master










火曜日の32人の選手から16人の半分に絞る試合に始まり、日曜日のチャンピオン決定までの6日間、この種目の100人の最も活躍したチャンピオンが一堂に会します。男子がフォンヴィエイユ・テント会場(Chapiteau Fontvieille)での大会に先立ち、デヴェンス競技場 − テニス・ソレイユ会場(Tennis Soleil du Devens)にて女子の初の試合が行われます。







入場チケットは、World Padel Tour またはのウェブサイトにて販売しています。


デヴェンス競技場 − テニス・ソレイユ会場(Tennis Soleil du Devens : 入場無料

フォンヴィエイユ・テント会場(Chapiteau Fontvieille : 12ユーロ〜

E-magazine Monte-Carlo Society Summer 2016 Thu, 23 Jun 2016 06:39:20 +0000 marieblanc Summer is back, you can consult all the latest news on the Principality of Monaco by leafing through Monte-Carlo Society online. 



Our theme for this summer season is stimulating the senses, in all their diversity. Not least with music, of course, in the form of the Monte-Carlo Sporting Summer Festival. The event sees a host of loyal international stars perform in the Salle des Étoiles, including Rod StewartJulio Iglesias and Lana Del Rey, as well as singers from the latest generation of rising talent like John Newman. Among the brand new entertainment featured at the festival are three major shows: Dreamworld, an exciting journey into the world of urban dance; Conga, a cocktail of Latino hits and exotic dance; and hit musical Sister Act, showing for the first time in the exceptional setting of the Opéra Garnier.


On behalf of the Société des Bains de Mer , I wish you a very pleasant stay under the Monaco sun.


Read your online copy of the magazine Monte-Carlo Society.


Jean-René Palacio

Artistic Director

Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer

July 2016 Program Tue, 21 Jun 2016 14:40:35 +0000 marieblanc La Rascasse Monaco Monte Carlo

Every month, read the updated programme with live music, DJs & events at La Rascasse:

Friday 1 July:



18:00 Live music with the band Datcha

22:30 DJ night


Saturday 2 July:



20:30 Dj Night by Ollie


Sunday 3 July:


19:00 apero live music with the band Fat Cat

20:00 Dj Night by Ollie


Monday 4 July:


20:00 Dj Night By Edouardo Santos Aka Mexicanism


Tuesday 5 July:


18:00 live music with the band Caligagan

19:00 to 23:00 Cointreau Night


Wednesday 6 July:


19:00 Dj Night by Real Fred


Thursday 7 July:


18:00 apero live music with the band Highwood

18:00 salsa lesson with Hamidine

22:30 salsa night with Hamidine


Friday 8 July:


18:00 Live Music with a band

22:30 Live Music with the band Waste 


Saturday 9 July:


20:30 Dj Night by Ollie

22:00 Havana Night


Sunday 10 July:


19:00 live music with the band Fat Cat

20:00 Dj Ollie

21:00 Football final game


Monday 11 July:


20:00 Dj Night By Eduardo Santos Aka Mexicanism


Tuesday 12 July:


18:00 Live Music with the band Soulseption


Wednesday 13 July:


19:00  Dolce Vita night


Thursday 14 July:


18:00 live music with the band Number 9

18:00 salsa lesson with Hamidine

22:00 salsa night with Hamidine


Friday 15 July:


18:00 Live Music with the band Broklyne 

22:30 Live Music with the band Sound Presure


Saturday 16 July:


20:30 Dj Night By Ollie


Sunday 17 July:


19:00 Live Music with the band Fat Cat

20:00 Dj Ollie 


Monday 18 July:


20:00 Dj Night By Eduardo Santos Aka Mexicanism


Tuesday 19 July:


18:00 Live Music with the band Mono


Wednesday 20 July:



20:00 Dj Night By Real Fred special French 80’ songs


Thursday 21 July:


18:00 live music with the band Spoon

18:00 salsa lesson with Hamidine

22:30 salsa night with Hamidine


Friday 22 July:


20:00 Absolut Party


Saturday 23 July:


20:30 Dj Night By Ollie


Sunday 24 July:


19:00 Live Music with the band Fat Cat

20:00 Dj Ollie 


Monday 25 July:


19:00 Dj Night By Eduardo Santos



Tuesday 26 July:


18:00 Live Music with the band Mono


Wednesday 27 July:


From 19:00 to 23:00


Thursday 28 July:


18:00 live music with the band Datcha

18:00 salsa lesson with Hamidine

22:30 salsa night with Hamidine


Friday 29 July:


18:00 Live Music with the band Waste 

22:30 Live Music with the band Highwood


Saturday 30 July:


20:30 Dj Night By Ollie


Sunday 31 July:



19:00 Live Music with the band Fat Cat

20 :00 Dj Ollie






Christmas Party at La Rascasse Thu, 16 Jun 2016 07:20:28 +0000 marieblanc It’s Christmas at La Rascasse and the festivities are about to begin… Join us on 29 July for a traditional Christmas Party!

 christmas party




Who says Christmas can only be celebrated in December?! It’s all up to you whether you celebrate early or late!


At La Rascasse, an evening full of surprises awaits. Come relive all the magic of Christmas… in July! You’ll love the Christmas trees, ice sculptures, polar bears, themed musical entertainment, an avalanche of surprises, and of course, snowfall.

Don’t forget your red and white Christmas hats!



Monte-Carlo Bay(モンテカルロ・ベイ)とMonte-Carlo Beach(モンテカルロ・ビーチ) がGreen Globe(グリーン・グローブ)に今年も認定されました。 Wed, 15 Jun 2016 20:49:27 +0000 vovf 2016年6月2日、Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort (モンテカルロ・ベイホテル&リゾート)とMonte-Carlo Beach Relais et Châteaux(モンテカルロ・ビーチ・ルレ・エ・シャトー)は、3年連続で、環境保護において栄誉あるGreen Globe(グリーン・グローブ)認定を授与されました。


Monte-Carlo Beach(モンテカルロ・ビーチ) Monte-Carlo Bay(モンテカルロ・ベイ)


この世界的に知られる認定証の取得は、2007年に始めたモンテカルロ・ソシエテ・バン・ド・メールの持続可能な発展活動に対し授与されました。現在、グループは、2014年からMonte-Carlo Bay(モンテカルロ・ベイ)、Monte-Carlo Beach(モンテカルロ・ビーチ)、2016年1月からThermes Marins Monte-Carlo(テルム・マラン・モンテカルロ)と3つの施設に対しグリーン・グローブ認証を受けています。


Green Globe(グリーン・グローブ)は、 グリーン・グローブは、ラグジュアリーな旅行や観光産業のために考案された国際的に認められた公認プログラムです。更新されるには、認定施設の継続的な改善活動を必要とする《CSR》(企業の社会的責任)を守っていく必要があります。 




















Monte-Carlo Bay(モンテカルロ・ベイ)は、《ベイ・グリーン・チーム》を結成して、効率的なエネルギー100%節約型の照明の導入、環境に優しい輸送システム、水の消費量制御、廃棄物の管理など様々な活動に力を入れています。施設は、慈善団体と協力し様々な活動を行うことで社会的責務を果たしています。


Monte-Carlo Beach(モンテカルロ・ビーチ)は、《ビーチ・グリーン・スピリット・チーム》により、 « Beach goes bio ! »(ビーチ ゴーズ ビオ!:海はオーガニックへ!)というキーアクションを核とする環境マネジメント活動を展開しています。ミシュランスター付きレストランElsa(エルザ)の「100%オーガニック商業レストラン」の認定証の取得とともに、シェフPaolo Sari(パオロ・サリ)は、果物や野菜など現地生産品を使用した完全オーガニックメニューを提供しています。



Indulge in a moment of pure relaxation at the Monte-Carlo Beach spa Tue, 14 Jun 2016 12:26:37 +0000 chloefolco The spa at the Monte Carlo Beach offers a moment of wellness with the Monte-Carlo Deep Tissue Massage.  


This massage technique focuses on deep muscle tissue, using deep pressure to rid the body of tension and stress. 


Monte-Carlo Deep Tissue Massage

60 minutes – €185


Open daily from 10:00 to 19:00 and from 10:00 to 20:00 in July and August



The Dom Pérignon P2 Lounge at La Vigie Wed, 08 Jun 2016 09:58:32 +0000 marieblanc Monte-Carlo Beach creates “The Dom Pérignon P2 Lounge at La Vigie” for 70 fabulous sunsets.

Le Lounge Dom Pérignon P2 at la Vigie


Sheltered by the pine forest, with the sea as the only horizon, this new lounge bears the Dom Pérignon mark, with a harmony of food and champagne signed by Paolo Sari, Executive Chef. In the middle of this privileged area, “The Dom Pérignon P2 Lounge at La Vigie” perpetuates the natural elegance of the Riviera. Unique and fleeting, it is the ideal venue to discover or rediscover some excellent bottles.


Richard Geoffroy, legendary cellar master of Dom Pérignon Champagne, has chosen the most splendid backdrop to unveil the P2 1998 cuvée. Enhanced after nearly 16 years in the cellar, this exceptional vintage will begin its second life at Monte-Carlo Beach, in “La Vigie” lounge.


Paolo Sari, 100% organic, star-awarded chef, has found a new playground here to create delicate mouthfuls of food which sublimate the iodised, mineral and spicy complex of the P2 cuvée.


The enchantment continues in La Vigie restaurant, just a few metres away, with all the fish from the Mediterranean.


The Dom Pérignon P2 Lounge at La Vigie

from 24th June to 4th September 2016

From 5pm, every day – Closed on Monday



Monte-Carlo Beach

Avenue Princesse Grace

06190 Roquebrune Cap-Martin

T. +377 98 06 52 52

June 2016 Program Wed, 08 Jun 2016 08:57:03 +0000 marieblanc La Rascasse Monaco Monte Carlo

Every month, read the updated programme with live music, DJs & events at La Rascasse:


Wednesday 1 June


19:00 DJ Night By Real Fred


Thursday 2 June


18:00 Cocktails and live music with the band Datcha

18:00 Salsa lesson with Hamidine

22:30 Salsa Night with Hamidine


Friday 3 June


18:00 Cocktails and live music with the band Caligagan
22:30 live music with the band Fox


Saturday 4 June


21:00  DJ night

22:30 live music with the band Fox


Sunday 5 June


19:00 DJ night


Monday 6 June


19:00 DJ night by Real Fred


Tuesday 7 June


18:00 Cocktail & live music with the band Cadillac


Wednesday 8 June


19:00  Theme cocktail by Real Fred


Thursday 9 June


18:00 Cocktails and live music with the band Highwood

18:00 Salsa lesson with Hamidine

22:30 Salsa Night with Hamidine


Friday 10 June



18:00 Cocktails and live music with the band Mono
22:30 live music with the band Waste


Saturday 11 June 


21:00  DJ night


Sunday 12 June


19:00  DJ night


Monday 13 June


19:00 DJ night by Real Fred


Tuesday 14 June


18:00 Cocktails and live music with the band Waste


Wednesday 15 June


19:00 Theme cocktail  by Real Fred


Thursday 16 June


18:00 Cocktails and live music with the band Boys Boys Boys

18:00 Salsa lesson with Hamidine

22:30 Salsa Night with Hamidine


Friday 17 June


à 18h apéro live music le groupe Caligagan & Mariana

à 22h30 live music le groupe Soulseption


Saturday 18 June


21:00 DJ Night
22:30 live music with the band Souleption



Sunday 19 June


19:00 DJ night


Monday 20 June


19:00  DJ night by Real Fred


Tuesday 21 June


20:00 DJ night for the Music festival


Wednesday 22 June


19:00 theme cocktail by Real Fred


Thursday 23 June


No DJ because of the jumping

18:00 Salsa lesson with Hamidine

22:30 Salsa Night with Hamidine


Friday 24 June


No DJ because of the jumping
23:00 live music with the band Sound Presure


Saturday 25 June


No DJ because of the jumping
23:00 live music with the band Sound Presure


Sunday 26 June


20:00 DJ night


Monday 27 June


19:00 Theme cocktail  by Real Fred


Tuesday 28 June


18:00 live music with the band Pluma


Wednesday 29 June


19:00 theme Cocktail by Real Fred


Thursday 30 June


18:00 Cocktails and live music with the band Highwood

18:00 Salsa lesson with Hamidine

22:30 Salsa Night with Hamidine



King Crimson in concert at the Opera Garnier Monte-Carlo on 17th and 18th November 2016 Tue, 31 May 2016 12:38:28 +0000 francoisblanc  King Crimson in concert in Monaco


King Crimson, formed in 1969, is considered one of the most emblematic and influential progressive rock bands. The latest formation is very different to all the others the group has undergone, with Robert Fripp on the guitar, Tony Levin on the bass, Mel Collins on the saxophone, Jakko Jakszyk on the guitar and singing, and not one but three drummers (Gavin Harrison, Bill Rieflin et Pat Mastelotto)!


Their latest album, “Live At The Orpheum”, released in early 2015, was recorded on their previous American tour and gives a glimpse of this incredible new line-up. Fans who have been waiting for a new album since “The Power To Believe”, released in 2003, will be delighted!


Following successful tours in the United States in 2014 and in Europe in 2015, King Crimson is back and will be performing in Monaco on 17th and 18th November at the mythical Opéra Garnier Monte-Carlo for two event concerts!


By arrangement with Gérard Drouot Productions 


For more information visit


King Crimson – Thursday 17th and Friday 18th November 2016

Opera Garnier Monte-Carlo


Seated concert

Price: 80€ 

Doors open : 20:00

Concert starts : 20:30

Dress code : Jacket required



Don’t miss out on any news or events and join us on Facebook and Twitter:


Facebook Monte-Carlo Live   Twitter Monte-Carlo SBM      


Share your experience on social networks with #MonteCarloLive.


Offres spéciales


Prolong the Monte-Carlo experience by taking advantage of one of our special packages and offers in one of our Monte-Carlo SBM hotels and benefit from many exclusive advantages!


Get ready to relax on 11 June 2016: celebrate Global Wellness Day at the Monte-Carlo Beach Tue, 31 May 2016 08:54:33 +0000 chloefolco Discover our free health and wellness activities at the Monte-Carlo Beach 


Hotel Monte-Carlo Beach Club Monaco



Global Wellness Day – Global Wellness Day was created in 2012 by Belgin Aksoy, Creative Director at the Richmond International Group, in order to promote activities that foster health, vitality and serenity every other Saturday in June.


In June 2015, over 600 establishments in 73 countries participated in Global Wellness Day.


The Monte-Carlo Beach is participating in this major event. Through its creative and original programme of free activities, it hopes to encourage physical activity and relaxation with family and friends. The goal? To feel better and healthier: a healthy mind and body lead to a healthy life!


We will be offering aquabiking, spa and detox workshops. Whether you’re athletic, looking to relax, sign up now – there will be something for everyone!




T. +377 98 06 52 46



Flower Power: the new stylish and colorful cocktails at Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo Fri, 27 May 2016 10:37:29 +0000 marieblanc THIS SUMMER, ENJOY THE GORGEOUS SUNNY WEATHER WITH ONE OF OUR NEW REFRESHING COCKTAILS IN HAND.




The most “Zen” establishment in Monaco invites you to discover its amazing new flowery cocktail menu! Try our new and enchanting COL CHIC, MOJISCUS or HIBIPOP cocktails and get ready to be amazed!

Happy Hour

From 18:00 to 20:00 Tuesday through Sunday, take advantage of our Happy Price formula on the Lounge menu and sip one of our sake creations whilst enjoying some sashimi, maki, sushi and other tasty Asian specialities.


Dine at the Buddha-Bar and experience the thrill of a culinary journey. East meets West in a blend of exotic flavours and aromas that will take you as far as China, Japan, Thailand and South-East Asia and back. Taste the magic in every dish! Discover the new menu here.


Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo
MC 98000 Monaco
T. +377 98 06 19 19

2016年6月10日から7月10日までサッカーのマッチをモナコでライブ中継! Fri, 27 May 2016 09:08:13 +0000 vovf モナコでヨーロッパUEFAチャンピオンズリーグのライブ中継が見られるところをお探しですか?





モンテカルロでのユーロ2016開催中のソシエテ・デ・バン・ド・メールのホテル及びレストランのプログラムは以下となります :


La Rascasse(ラ・ラスカス) 



Le Buddha-Bar(ル・ブッダ・バー)




Le Monte-Carlo Beach(ル・モンテカルロ・ビーチ)


来る6月10日、ユーロ2016がキックオフ!これを記念して、Monte-Carlo Beach(モンテカルロ・ビーチ)は、スナック・ユーロビーチとしてピザ、ビールのセットをご提案。  




2016年6月5日にパリ・モデナの参加者がモナコを通過 Tue, 24 May 2016 08:09:21 +0000 vovf この大冒険にプロサイクリスト、アマチュアサイクリスト、国際的なレースでチャンピオンになった選手などが参加します。 

Paris-Modena Monte Carlo


第3回目を向かえるParis-Modena (パリ・モデナ)は2016年6月4日から9日まで行われます。車の最高峰ブランドの一つであるマセラティの協力により、このコースは、その名前の通り、パリ−モデナ間のコースにチャレンジするものです。チャリティ団体「Rêves(レーブ)」は、ランナーがコースを1km進むごとに寄付を獲得することができます!












2016年6月5日にパリ・モデナの参加者がモナコを通過 Tue, 24 May 2016 02:43:31 +0000 vovf この大冒険にプロサイクリスト、アマチュアサイクリスト、国際的なレースでチャンピオンになった選手などが参加します。 

Paris Modena


第3回目を向かえるParis-Modena (パリ・モデナ)は2016年6月4日から9日まで行われます。車の最高峰ブランドの一つであるマセラティの協力により、このコースは、その名前の通り、パリ−モデナ間のコースにチャレンジするものです。チャリティ団体「Rêves(レーブ)」は、ランナーがコースを1km進むごとに寄付を獲得することができます!












Get your skin ready for summer! Try the Ymalia® body exfoliation at the spa of the Monte-Carlo Beach. Thu, 19 May 2016 08:07:00 +0000 chloefolco The spa at the Monte Carlo Beach offers a moment of wellness with an exfoliating treatment by the 100% organic brand Ymalia.  


The Ymalia Body Exfoliation treatment contains pearl powder and caviar honey. This treatment rids the body of dead skin cells and boosts skin function, restoring tone, elasticity and radiance to the skin.


The 100% organic brand Ymalia offers a new approach to organic cosmetics that focuses on innovation, quality and well-being. Exclusively formulated and certified Cosmébio, Ymalia treatments offer a higher quality alternative to classic cosmetics for modern, exacting women.


Ymalia Body Exfoliation 

45 minutes – €160


Open daily from 10:00 to 19:00 and from 10:00 to 20:00 in July and August



New from Spa Cinq Mondes at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort Thu, 19 May 2016 07:48:41 +0000 chloefolco After Eau du Brésil, come discover Gelée du Brésil and Nectar du Brésil from Cinq Mondes and bring the ancestral Brazilian art of bathing home with you



Cinq Mondes revisits the art of Banho or bathing with three new products – Gélée du Brésil, Nectar du Brésil and Eau du Brésil – that gently refresh the skin with notes of lime, coconut water and white cedar.


These three treasures were inspired by a new World Beauty Ritual, Banho, or the ancestral Brazilian art of bathing. In addition to cleansing the body, this ritual was a way to commune with the power of water and to rid the body of physical and mental stress. Brazilians used to bathe in the waterfalls deep in the Amazon to commune with the refreshing and purifying power of water. They took time to meditate, recharging their batteries both mentally and spiritually thanks to nature’s therapeutic effects.


Gelée du Brésil, with its frosted gel texture and refreshing scent, transforms an everyday shower into a unique sensory experience. Thanks to Gelée du Brésil, the skin is soft and hydrated, and the hair is light and supple.


Nectar du Brésil is a moisturiser for the body to be used in the shower. It has a smooth, creamy texture and contains camu camu and coconut water, which have toning and moisturising properties. Use Nectar du Brésil in the shower on damp skin. Massage lightly to apply; rinsing is optional. Dab the surplus with a towel as needed. In no time at all, the skin feels fresh and moisturised with a lovely fragrance!


Eau du Brésil refreshing body mist is an important part of the Banho bathing ritual. This ode to freshness created by Olivia Giacobetti consists of mild lemon and lime essence sweetened with notes of coconut water and white cedar for a smooth, velvet finish. The subtle alchemy of ingredients offers the sensation of a fresh, outdoor shower. Eau du Brésil can be used on the body, hair and even pillows for a journey of the senses as far as the waterfalls of the Amazon.



Gelée du Brésil – Bahia ritual


19 euros – 200 ml


Nectar du Brésil – Bahia ritual


29 euros – 150 ml


Eau du Brésil – Bahia ritual 

Available now 
49 euros – 100 ml



F1 Grand Prix: An exceptional line-up Tue, 17 May 2016 15:03:26 +0000 marieblanc FROM 26 TO 29 MAY, JIMMY’Z SATISFIES YOUR EVERY DESIRE! GET READY FOR A WEEK OF INTENSE PARTYING! 



Thursday, 26 May: Akon

The Grand Prix is off to a great start! Come see Akon in concert, a Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo exclusive.

Listen to some of his tunes on SoundCloud

Friday, 27 May: Marco Carola

The party continues with the famous Italian DJ Marco Carola. His brilliant minimalist style will leave you craving more!

Listen to some of his tunes on SoundCloud

Saturday, 28 May: 50 cent

For the first time ever, 50 Cent will be burning up the the dance floor at Jimmy’z. It will be one of the most exciting evenings of the season!

Listen to some of his tunes on SoundCloud

Sunday, 29 May: Martin Solveig & Jack-e

End the weekend on a high note with Martin Solveig on Sunday, 29 May. It’s going to get hot and stay hot all night long!

Listen to some of his tunes on SoundCloud

Later that evening, get ready as Jack-e, resident DJ at the legendary Caves du Roy in Saint-Tropez, hits the decks at Jimmy’z.



Ghost Vodka, Dom Pérignon, De Grisogono, Belvedere Vodka, Philipp Plein, Armand du Brignac



Follow us on Facebook to get all the latest news from Jimmy’z.

Red Bull Night Fri, 13 May 2016 08:23:43 +0000 marieblanc For some fast and furious fun, join us for Red Bull Night on Thursday, 19 May at La Rascasse!


Are you a die-hard Formula 1 fan or just a motor sport aficionado?  Get a taste of life in the fast lane at La Rascasse!

The evening’s programme includes a contest for you and your friends.

To participate:



Are you ready?



T. +377 98 06 16 16


Cocoon Bay Thu, 12 May 2016 12:34:12 +0000 margauxperriquet

Spend an idyllic day at the Monte-Carlo Bay‘s latest attraction by the sandy bottom lagoon!

Imagine an outdoor Balinese-style bed with white drapes dancing in a warm breeze. Surrounded by light cushions, you curl up comfortably as the Mediterranean sun caresses your skin.

Ready for a refreshing dip?

You can literally take one step out of Cocoon Bay and dive instantly into the turquoise water of the lagoon! One vitamin-rich wellness cocktail later brought to you by your very own waiter, you’re ready to soak up the sun again!

It’s time for lunch, with a “Pintxos Nomade” concept by Michelin-starred Chef Marcel Ravin. Savour a wide variety of hot and cold meze and tapas in an exceptional setting.

The afternoon continues with delightful summer treats: soft fruit mini tartlets, fresh fruit and home-made iced tea.

Treat yourself to the most beautiful, indulgent day of the season!

Ott Cocoon Formula

Access to the lagoon

Personalised service


Magazines and newspapers


MC Bay flip-flops

Eau du Brésil body mist (Spa Cinq Mondes)

Fresh mineral water

A wellness cocktail

Fresh fruit skewers

Crisp vegetables

Mini cakes and pastries

Iced tea


“Pintxos Nomade” lunch by Michelin-starred chef Marcel Ravin

A magnum bottle of By Ott Rosé rosé wine

480 euros for 2 people

Crystal Cocoon Formula

Access to the lagoon

Personalised service


Magazines and newspapers


MC Bay flip-flops

Eau du Brésil body mist (Spa Cinq Mondes)

Fresh mineral water

A wellness cocktail

Fresh fruit skewers

Crisp vegetables

Mini cakes and pastries

Iced tea


“Pintxos Nomade” lunch by Michelin-starred chef Marcel Ravin

A bottle of Cristal Roederer (75 cl)

750 euros for 2 people


+377 98 06 03 60